Former Hollywood action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger has caused outrage by urging America to "close its borders" to illegal immigrants.

The Governor of California - a native of Austria before relocating to the US in search of success - infuriated Democrats by criticising the country's current policy on preventing illegal immigration, labelling the system "lax".

In a plea to America's leaders yesterday (20APR05), he said, "Close the borders in California and all across Mexico and in the United States. It's just unfair to have all these people coming across... and have this kind of lax situation."

Democrats reacted with anger to the TERMINATOR star's comments, prompting his spokeswoman to clarify the remarks, insisting Schwarzenegger was actually calling for greater security along the borders - not closure.

In the run-up to the November (04) presidential elections, George W Bush called for more immigration from Mexico.

21/04/2005 13:35