TERMINATOR star Arnold Schwarzenegger has a message for the British TV presenters who accused him of groping them - his career's still going strong.

Three years ago, the Austrian-born actor, married to Maria Shriver, faced a flurry of controversy when he was accused of groping TV beauties DENISE VAN OUTEN, Melanie Sykes and ANNA RICHARDSON.

And while Schwarzenegger vehemently denies the charges, he's glad to say it's had no negative effect on his career.

He says, "An incident happened in London where a woman complained that I grabbed her breast - and the realities were different... She sat on my lap.

"So when that story came out, immediately another story came out... and this is what happens with those things. Like an avalanche.

"It made no difference to me personally, because I didn't lose a movie, nor did anyone ever say, 'Now you can't promote the after-school programs. We don't want you for this.' None of that.

"We've gone through the '90s with bigger scandals. It makes no difference to me what they write, because I know what the realities are."

28/05/2003 09:15