Movie action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger is set to bare all his upcoming movie Terminator 3 - and he promises it'll be impressive sight.

The Austrian-born screen star boasts there should much for the eye to behold when he sheds his clothes for the scene - even if it is with the help of camera work.

He says, "I can't give away too much about the plot. I also can't tell you what I show in this scene, but what I can tell you is the camera adds 10 pounds!"

But one thing Schwarzenegger did give away is that his naked unrobed appearance on-screen won't be for sex scenes with the female Terminator played by Kristanna Loken.

He explains, "It's really funny because so many times when you tell people there's a female Terminator, they ask me, 'Are you gonna have sex with the female Terminator?'

"But I don't want to catch a case of rust, so I say, 'No, absolutely not.' In this movie I play an action hero that actually gets no action."

28/04/2003 21:12