After Californian voters elected Arnold Schwarzenegger to replace Governor Gray Davis, local authorities are recalling a picture of the Terminator star.

A giant advertising mural featuring the Austrian-born muscleman's face on a building alongside the Hollywood section of the 101 Highway is illegal and city officials have ordered it removed.

The towering mural promotes the 11 November (03) DVD release of TERMINATOR 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES. The ad violates city planning rules that prohibit advertising murals. Such signs are banned by an ordinance that protects the stretch of road from visual blight because the Cahuenga Pass is a scenic corridor.

The city attorney's office filed six misdemeanour criminal charges on Thursday (16OCT03) against building owner ROBERT LUSK DAVIS for allowing the 100 foot-by-40 foot mural to be erected on behalf of film studio Warner BROTHERS. Each count carries a possible six month jail sentence and a $1,000 (GBP625) fine.

19/10/2003 21:02