LATEST: Arnold Schwarzenegger was forced to miss his pre-inaugural celebrations as Governor of California, after doctors urged him to rest his broken leg. The Terminator had to sit out of the two-day festivities before being sworn in as Governor tomorrow (05JAN07) as experts warned Schwarzenegger not to "anything that would jeopardise his recovery". Schwarzenegger says, "After meeting with my doctor, he has advised me to rest, elevate my leg and stay off of my feet for as long as possible." Orthopaedic surgeon DR KEVIN EHRHART, who operated on the star's broken leg on 26 December (06), says, "Governor Schwarzenegger is recovering from significant surgery on his femur. "His recovery has been extraordinary, and I am adamant he not do anything that could jeopardise that recovery. Schwarzenegger broke his right femur last month (23DEC06) in a skiing accident.