Arnold Schwarzenegger was so upset about his recent sexual harassment charges, he's taking lessons to help cure him of his flirtatious manner towards women.

The Terminator actor, who became GOVERNOR of California in Nov (03), was so concerned over allegations he inappropriately touched females, he agreed to learn about the law in relation to proper conduct.

He says, "I've learned my lesson. I think that now that I am not representing myself but representing the state of California, it is a totally different ball game.

"When I took office, the first thing we did was to take classes and have experts come in to talk about sexual harassment because laws are so strict now.

"It has changed so much that any kind of a comment you make to a woman now about her clothes or about this or that could be misinterpreted and could make someone uncomfortable and open the door to a lawsuit.

"My whole staff went to the courses because I wanted to make sure that no one - including myself - would fall into that trap or get into trouble."

10/10/2004 10:18