Actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is facing groping claims head on - he's launched his own probe into allegations of sexual harassment made against him.

During his successful campaign for the Governorship of California last month (OCT03), the TERMINATOR star faced a flurry of women claiming he had groped them, and was forced to issue an apology for "behaving badly" in the past, although he denied knowingly harassing anyone.

Schwarzenegger has now agreed to an independent probe into the allegations after being pressured by California's ATTORNEY GENERAL BILL LOCKYER to clear up the "stain" on his reputation.

Lockyer stated, "I don't think the issue's going to go away until he's willing to have some form of independent, third-party review of those complaints to see if there's any criminal liability that attaches.

"I think it's a stain on his reputation and administration, to have these lingering doubts, and I think they should deal with them forthrightly."

However, Mr Schwarzenegger's spokesman, Rob Stutzman, claims his client was already arranging an investigation.

He says, "The governor-elect had already decided to engage a well respected investigative firm to look into the allegations."

07/11/2003 13:55