Arnold Schwarzenegger introduced RED SONJA co-star Brigitte Nielsen to future husband Sylvester Stallone in an effort to snuff out her romantic intentions towards him, according to a revealing new unauthorised biography about the Governor of California.

In FANTASTIC: THE LIFE OF ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, author LAURENCE LEAMER claims the action man was more than a little concerned when the statuesque Scandinavian fell for him in a big way on the set of the movie - and went out of his way to get her out of his life.

Leamer says, "She was obsessed with him, she wanted to marry him and he didn't know what to do.

"Arnold and Sylvester shared the same attorney and so he had the attorney introduce Brigitte Nielsen to Stallone, and Stallone ended up marrying her."

The expose also reveals secret details about Schwarzenegger's marriage to former news woman Maria Shriver.

Leamer adds, "They have this very complicated marriage, but a very private marriage."

The author claims Schwarzenegger wasn't immediately smitten with the journalist - because she wasn't his idea of a perfect woman.

The writer reveals, "His real fantasy was a very traditional woman. He didn't like Maria to wear pants."

08/06/2005 03:10