Actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger has flown into Washington, DC, in a bid to raise cash for the thousands of people affected by southern California's raging wildfires.

The TERMINATOR star, who was appointed Governor of California on 7 October (03), met with firefighters in Sunshine State yesterday (28OCT03) to commend them on their hard work in trying to contain the many blazes, and he's now seeking federal cash.

Schwarzenegger, who has also been seeking money to alleviate California's huge deficit, says, "I came basically to Washington to establish relationships and make sure that we're getting more federal money to California as I promised on my campaign.

"But of course the recent events - the huge disastrous fire - has changed my mission a little bit that I'm now more looking for federal money for the victims of the fire so that people can rebuild their homes and rebuild their businesses as quickly as possible."

29/10/2003 21:22