Actor-turned-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has undergone surgery to repair a broken leg. The Terminator star fractured his right thigh bone on Saturday (23DEC06) while skiing with his family in Sun Valley, Idaho. He underwent a 90-minute operation at St John's Health Centre in Santa Monica, California in which cables and screws were used to wire the broken femur back together. DR KEVIN EHRHART, who performed the non-emergency procedure, says, "Following the surgery, the governor was awake, alert and talking in the recovery room." Schwarzenegger is expected to make a full recovery but may still be using crutches at his inauguration for his second term in office next month (JAN06), officials say. It is the second sports-related accident the 59-year-old has suffered recently. Earlier this year (06) he collided with a car pulling out of a driveway while riding his Harley-Davidson motorcycle and received 15 stitches in his lip. Schwarzenegger admitted at a news conference after the crash that his wife, Maria Shriver, hates his obsession with dangerous sports. He said, "I was very lucky. It could have been far different. You never know... not just on a motorcycle, but when you go skiing. I did all those things anyway before I was governor. I never stick to the rules."