California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has endorsed a new book by his ex-girlfriend even though it vilifies the former action man as a pot-smoking womaniser. The Terminator star has written the foreword to BARBARA OUTLAND BAKER's new book ARNOLD + Me: IN THE SHADOW OF THE AUSTRIAN OAK, despite the fact his ex is less than kind about her romance with him. Baker, who was a student when she met and fell for Schwarzenegger in 1969, admits she didn't know what to make of the bodybuilder when he first asked her out, confessing, "I didn't know what to call him - a sub-human monster or an out-of-this-world Adonis." The 58-year-old college lecturer, who lost her virginity to Schwarzenegger, goes on to detail her famous ex's voracious sexual appetite and reveals he introduced her to pot and was fond of Hawaiian marijuana he dubbed "Mauiwowie cannabis". But the relationship ended in 1976 after Baker learned of her boyfriend's infidelities and she began having affairs of her own. Two years later (78), Schwarzenegger wed John F Kennedy's niece Maria Shriver and embarked on a movie career, while Baker went on to wed four times. The two kept in touch and Baker admits she never regrets the eight years she spent with Arnie: "He was a man who touched my life." And, despite the fact that the book is far from complimentary about the Governor, Schwarzenegger agreed to pen the preface, stating, "When I was only 22, and soon after I arrived in California from Europe, I met someone who had an important influence on my life at what was a very critical juncture... I remember our time together with great fondness."