LATEST: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has offered his support to angry crewmembers on U.S. series UGLY BETTY, who will lose their jobs when the show moves from Los Angeles to New York.
Producers last week (6May08) made the decision to relocate the set to make the most of new tax incentives on offer in New York.
But the move will leave 300 people out of work, including dry cleaners, caterers and construction firms.
The disgruntled employees grouped together to take out an ad in Hollywood trade paper Variety, appealing to Schwarzenegger to help stop the loss of more business.
Addressing the letter, the governor insists tax incentives have been drawn up - but have yet to be approved by the California legislature.
He insists they are a necessity, if the state wants to keep its status as the home of movies and TV.
He says, "What happened was productions that shifted to other states, didn't come back to California; they went to Louisiana, they went to Florida, they went to New Mexico because they give great tax incentives."