Arnold Schwarzenegger has faced his toughest TV interview as Governor of California after veteran newsman TOM BROKAW insisted he'd be sacked if he ran a company the way he runs the state.
The Terminator star was taken aback when Brokaw got tough with Schwarzenegger's leadership qualities during a taped interview for political news show Meet The Press.
Brokaw told the Governor, "If you were the CEO of a public company, the board would probably say, 'It is time to go.'"
The newsman also reminded Schwarzenegger of California's $15 billion (GBP7.5 billion) funding deficit, high unemployment and housing crisis.
Schwarzenegger attempted to laugh off the attack, joking, 'Are you always this positive?"
The former movie star went on to defend his record as Governor, stating that opposing party members are closer together than ever and many state issues have been fixed under his leadership.
Schwarzenegger, who was first elected Governor in 2003, told Brokaw, "We have paid off a lot of debt... I am very proud that we paid off a lot of debt and that we got the economy going again."
And when it was suggested the action man must be struggling under the weight of constant criticism and the fact that he is not as popular as he was when he first came to office, Schwarzenegger offered, "Not at all. I am having a great time."