Actor-turned-Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger has confessed to already having made mistakes during his first few months in his new political role.

The TERMINATOR star won the seat in October (03) after a closely-watched recall election, and has since grown to appreciate just how challenging his new job is.

He told Jay Leno on his chat show on Monday night (01MAR04), "I have made mistakes. I remember that one time I cut a program that I didn't want to cut, which was for the mentally disabled.

"Then all of a sudden I get a phone call from my mother-in-law at midnight, then at two in the morning my wife reminded me again and at four o'clock in the morning she reminded me again. So I put the program budget back and said, 'Okay, no more cuts!'

"You make mistakes like that because everything goes very fast and some of those budget decisions have to be made very quickly. But the key thing is to admit the mistakes that you've made and then correct it."

03/03/2004 02:12