Arnold Schwarzenegger is a dead-cert to become the next Governor of California - according to Sylvester Stallone's mother's psychic dogs.

JACKIE Stallone and her mystical canines are convinced not only that the movie hardman will beat all other hopefuls in the race for office, but that he will excel in control of the Golden State.

After being quizzed on the subject by American website THE SCOOP, Jackie replied, "They say Arnold will win. They only answer yes or no questions. But they're always right."

And Jackie is sure Arnold's wife MARIA SHRIVER - part of America's famous Kennedy family - will play an influential role.

She adds, "He'll make a good governor. And Maria Shriver will be a big asset. She knows a hell of a lot."

But the ageing celebrity isn't so confident her own son has a future in politics.

Jackie says of the 57-year-old ROCKY star, "He could if he picked better women."

13/08/2003 17:20