Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Shriver turned to best pal Oprah Winfrey when she first became California's First Lady - because she found the early days of being a Governor's wife a huge shock.

The former TV news anchorwoman, a member of America's famous Kennedy family, admits she didn't think her movie star husband would be elected Governor, and was completely shocked when Schwarzenegger won.

After celebrating with her husband, Shriver fell into a deep slump as she tried to cope with her new life - and she turned to Oprah for words of wisdom.

She says, "Oprah said, 'In a way you come back full circle and you get to write your own childhood again,' and it really helped me make sense of something I had a lot of difficulties with.

"It helped me say, 'OK, this is why this is happening.'"

She turned to Oprah again when she was faced with having to quit her job with NBC to take care of her duties as a Governor's wife.

She adds, "I wanted to do it all - raise four children and have a job in TV and the state of California.

"I liked going to work, I liked having my own office, my own friends... my own salary, and then, all of a sudden, that's gone from you. It does unsettle you."

30/04/2004 19:35