Arnold Schwarzenegger's TV newswoman wife Maria Shriver is set to return to her job at American network NBC after today's (07OCT03) California election - but her reporting remit will have to be changed.

The wife of THE Terminator will be unable to report on topics involving her husband's political ambitions to become Governor of the state - a restriction she is used to as the niece of assassinated American President JOHN F KENNEDY.

NBC's ALLISON GOLLUST says, "If necessary after the election, we will work with her to determine what type of stories are appropriate.

"The statement 'case-by-case basis' is going to come into play an awful lot."

Maria says, "I think we'll be able to work something out to everyone's satisfaction.

"If NBC will have me, I hope to come to work at the conclusion of the campaign."

The recall election will decide the fate of ARNIE's main opponent, current California Governor Gray Davis, and who will replace him if he's ousted.

07/10/2003 16:49