The cream of Hollywood's Democrat power players are teaming up to oppose Arnold Schwarzenegger's bid to become Governor of California.

Opponents include Tom Hanks, who was reportedly angry to see an article claiming that his agents CAA would be supporting Republican Schwarzenegger.

According to gossip website PAGE SIX.COM, "Tom was furious when (a misleading) article in the LOS ANGELES TIMES appeared on Tuesday (19AUG03), saying CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY would help Arnold in his bid for governor.

"Tom and other power players are absolutely against Arnold becoming governor."

Other notable stars who will not be supporting the TERMINATOR star include INDECENT PROPOSAL star Woody Harrelson and The West Wing actor Martin Sheen.

A spokesperson for Harrelson tells Page SIx, "He does not support the candidacy."

And Sheen says, "The California recall is an effort to grab the state for the Republicans. I suspect this came out of the White House. Frankly, it makes perfect sense after Florida."

MOONLIGHTING star Cybill Shepherd has also been vociferous in her opposition to Schwarzenegger - she told American show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, "That would be the worst tragedy in the history of California."

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher believes that his move into politics would be a "huge" mistake.

22/08/2003 17:13