Following Arnold Schwarzenegger's successful bid to become Governor of California, Hollywood is already trying to woo him back - for a Christmas parade.

The TOTAL RECALL star, who was elected to replace Gray Davis in the coveted seat on 7 October (03), is being sought by Tinseltown's honorary mayor Johnny Grant to lead the 30 November (03) Hollywood Christmas Parade as grand marshal.

Grant reveals Schwarzenegger once told him about his first night in Hollywood, sitting on a kerb, watching the annual holiday parade and wondering if he would ever be successful enough to ride in it. His questions were answered in 1990, when he served as parade grand marshal.

Grant says, "I hope Arnold can join us again. This would be a wonderful way for the parade spectators to applaud the action hero on his latest accomplishment and a great gift from Arnold to his fans and new constituency."

17/10/2003 08:54