Actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger has come under fire from environmentalists for regularly commuting more than three hours to work by private jet. The California Governor lives with his family in Brentwood in Los Angeles County, while his office lies 380 miles (612 kilometres) to the north, in Sacramento, California. His commute by Gulfstream jet, which costs hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, has upset environmental groups, who are angry the anti-global warming politician is setting a bad example to his constituents. And although Republican Schwarzenegger offsets the carbon dioxide his mode of transport causes by purchasing 'pollution credits' - which fund efforts to reduce greenhouse gases - green campaigners are still upset. Denis Hayes, the president of environmental group Bullitt Foundation, tells the Los Angeles Times, "He has been very bold on all these (environmental) initiatives, so it is sad to see him undercut that. "If you are going to be talking about an issue, you should be living the reality you are trying to embrace." Schwarzenegger recently defended his airborne commute, arguing it allows him to see his children on a daily basis. He said, "The question is how can I be with my family, because that is extremely important, to be with my kids. They are all growing up. They are in their teens. They need their father around. "I felt it took a toll on my family not being at home every day. So what I am trying to do is find that balance between the family and running the state."