LATEST: The mayor of Arnold Schwarzenegger's Austrian hometown of Graz is begging the California Governor to reconsider his decision to severe his ties with the city.

Locals in Graz recently attacked Schwarzenegger's decision not to grant former gang leader STANLEY 'TOOKIE' WILLIAMS' request for clemency, which led to his execution last week (13DEC05).

And after a petition was raised to strip Schwarzenegger of his Austrian citizenship and rename the Arnold Schwarzenegger Stadium, the actor-turned-politician demanded his name be removed and handed back the city's Ring of Honour, awarded to him in 1999.

But Mayor SIEGFRIED NAGL has now sent Schwarzenegger a letter reassuring him that most Graz residents still admire his achievements.

Nagl told Schwarzenegger, "I hope that very soon we'll hear you say, 'I'll be back.'"

Capital punishment is illegal in Europe, where many people consider it barbaric.