Oscar-winning director FLORIAN HENCKEL VON DONNERSMARCK owes much of his success to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger - because the Austrian taught him that nothing is impossible. The German moviemaker won Oscar gold last night (25FEB07) when his movie THE LIVES OF OTHERS landed the Best Foreign Film prize at the Academy Awards, and, after thanking Schwarzenegger in his acceptance speech, von Donnersmarck continued to coo about his hero backstage at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood. He said, "He just seems to me like the ultimate embodiment of the fact you can just achieve anything that you dream of. "He really inspired me as a child; I remember the first time that I saw a picture of (Schwarzenegger film) Conan the Barbarian and it was a drawing, like a painted cover in a video store. "I thought, 'Oh my God, isn't that terrible that people can only look like that in paintings.' I went into that videostore and I looked at the back of it (video) and there was a real picture of the photograph - and he (Schwarzenegger) looked even more amazing than that painting. "I've always been fascinated with him."