Although "previously unheard" recordings of major movie and music stars often sell for extortionate amounts at auction, it seems fans of JUDY GARLAND are not among those willing to part with cash for their idol.

Two acetate recordings of a young GARLAND, which have never before been heard in public, failed to reach the minimum fee in the auction as record companies and private collectors passed at the chance to obtain the records.

But although the recordings of the childhood star, who played the lead in the WIZARD OF OZ at only 16, could not sell, the cowardly lion costume from the 1939 film recently went for a staggering $700,000 (£357,000) on internet site eBay  proving tangible nostalgia could be more appealing to collectors than unknown recordings.

Hollywood memorabilia has long held a fascination with the purchasing public, but online sales have meant it is now very easy to buy a "genuine" movie keepsake. The bullet-ridden leather jacket and bloodstained gloves worn by Californian governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator for instance, recently made a cool £10,200 online.

But while the worry for many a celebrity memorabilia collector is the surfacing of fake goods, others may feel the need to capitalise on the situation and start to sell more items with only tenuous links to film stars or movies.

If a piece of toast burnt into the shape of Jesus can sell on eBay, surely it won't be long before Tom Cruise's dog-walker's lipstick makes an appearance  and could, sadly, even do better than JUDY GARLAND's classic recordings.

18/12/2006 13:37:26