In the latest case of "runaway production," 20th Century Fox's animation company is moving to Greenwich, CT, 27 miles NE of New York City. Blue Sky Studios ( Ice Age The Meltdown, Horton Hears a Who! ) said that it has signed a lease to occupy approximately 105,000 square feet of studio space at the Greenwich American Center, bringing more than 300 jobs to the area. In a statement, Fox Animation President Vanessa Morrison said that the site had been selected because "the recently enacted production tax credit program introduced in January of 2007 made Connecticut the most attractive location for our new animation facility." Under the new program, production companies are eligible for tax credits of up to thirty percent on production expenses or costs incurred within the state." Studio executives and union officials in Los Angeles have been urging Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to push for legislation that would provide similar tax benefits for filmmakers who remain in California.