Hollywood hardman Arnold Schwarzenegger has been told to quit making comedy movies if he wants to become Governor of California.

The Terminator 3: RISE OF THE MACHINES star last week (7AUG03) declared his intention to run for political office in his adopted home state.

But aides have instructed the actor, whose past credits include laughfests TWINS and JINGLE ALL THE WAY, to turn down light-hearted roles if he wants to be taken seriously as a politician.

An insider says, "Arnold's been told to choose his roles carefully because they'll reflect on his political ambitions. He doesn't come across well in comedy. He's loved as a hero and that's the image that'll get him elected - not that of a struggling clown."

Schwarzenegger's opponents in the race for office include former DIFF'RENT STROKES child star Gary Coleman and porn king Larry Flynt.

12/08/2003 17:32