He's a trooper that Arnold Schwarzenegger, a real credit to the human race. A man who seems to have taken his typecast movie role as an action hero into real life, the former Governor of California has now set up a partnership to establish a think tank that will seek solutions to the US' environmental problems, economic policy, political reform and other public policy issues. Presumably all solutions will involve lifting a lot of weights, jumping out of the way explosions and getting hastily into helicopters.
The Los Angeles Times reports that Schwarzenegger is teaming up with The University of Southern California for the think tank, and told reporters "When you think back of everything I've done - body building, training people, writing about diet and food supplements and promoting movies and entertainment - I've always been interested in making sure other people can benefit from my experience." Continuing, he added "And it's the same with this. It would be a shame to think what I learned from my governorship over seven years . ways of solving problems - will now be left behind and no one will benefit."
Schwarzenegger will chair the institute's Board of Advisors and will take a role as the Downey Professor of State and Global Policy at Usc. Schwarzenegger will be giving his first lecture in early December, with his institute's first public event occurring on September 24th. Schwarzenegger does have great experience in education of course. In the film 'Kindergarten Cop', he memorably taught nursery school kids whilst undercover as a cop.