Arnold Schwarzenegger says the secret of his success is he is ''always hungry''.

The body building champion, actor and politician knows how people see him, but admits he is not as confident as he appears underneath.

He said: ''I may come across as confident, but the reality is I've really never felt I've made it. I always have been very critical of myself. I think that the secret for my success has been that I've always been hungry. I've always felt like I was not good enough, that I have not got there yet.''

The 65-year-old Austrian - who spent seven years in office as Governor of California - also said he believes he is so popular because he is a living embodiment of The American Dream, and built up everything he has from scratch.

He added to FHM magazine: ''There are many types of people who come to America and have been successful, not just me. But I'm the symbol of what is possible, simply because I'm more famous. When I came here I had literally nothing - I only had the dream

and the determination to never stop until I achieved what I set out to achieve - whether it was the ultimate body building champion or a career in politics.''