The 25-year-old author and TV personality opened her latest venture online on Thursday (10Dec15), calling it, "Lifestyle on your terms".

Schwarzenegger describes it as "a website for people who are living their lives in affordable and cool ways", and adds, "The goal here is to have a lifestyle site that you not only find helpful and entertaining but also becomes a place you turn to for guidance, community, and a girlfriend vibe."

"I wanted to create a site that had everything in one place, but also had a community vibe at the same time," she continued. "I want this site to be a place where people go to find advice on everything - from how to pack for a long trip to an easy and affordable girls night in dinner recipe. I am the first to admit I don't know how to do it all, but what I love to do is to be asked questions and go find the answers and the experts to lay it all out for everyone, which is why I would like to open it up to contributors on the site."

Schwarzenegger joins the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Blake Lively and Reese Witherspoon who have all launched lifestyle sites and blogs in recent years.