Arnold Schwarzenegger makes a cameo in 'The Expendables'.

The Governor of California is seen in the trailer for the action adventure movie - which tells the tale of a group of ageing mercenaries including Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke - uttering a line about 'Rambo' star Stallone.

In a scene where the group are plotting a coup, Schwarzenegger is seen stating: "Give this job to my friend here, he loves playing in the jungle," before turning around and walking off, the Los Angeles times reports.

The Austrian-born politician has not appeared in a movie since 2004's 'Around the World in 80 Days', but has a strong back catalogue of work including 'Eraser', the 'Terminator' movies and 'True Lies', as well as farcical comedies 'Jingle All the Way' and 'Kindergarten Cop'.

Schwarzenegger first came to fame when he was awarded the title of Mr Universe at the age of 22, before going on to win Mr Olympia seven times.

'The Expendables' is due for release in August.