Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn't mind being made fun of.

The Austrian star loves it when people poke fun at his strong accent and infamous 'Terminator' movie line ''I'll be back'' because it means society is now accepting of his culture and has moved past the horrors of World War Two.

He laughed: ''It's great. When I see, for instance, on these late-night talk shows, the hosts making a joke about me it proves that perception has changed. It is no longer frightening. In the 70s, people were frightened of the German accent. People said it gave them goosebumps.

''They were like, 'This guy scares the s**t out of me', and, 'Oh f**k, are they back?' But all this chat show shtick and people imitating me came about so more people could hear it and it became part of America.''

The muscular 65-year-old action hero also acknowledged his fitness level has changed since his heyday, as filming for his new film 'The Last Stand' after a 10-year absence from the big screen proved.

Arnold told Shortlist magazine: ''I've never been out of shape. But it is a little different when you're 65 to when you're 35, there no two ways about it. When I was 35, and when I did the 'Conan' movies, I was never really sore the next day. Now I'm like, oh man, I've gotta take some Advil.

''I know I'm not the young action guy any more. I know that when I get up its like this [clutches his back].''