The Terminator star hired a bicycle and began peddling around Edinburgh, but video footage posted online appears to show the actor taking a wrong turn and cycling straight into oncoming traffic.

Schwarzenegger managed to successfully avoid colliding with any vehicles as he manoeuvred his way down the wrong side of the street during the city's busy morning rush hour.

"He was driving on the wrong side of the road. It was dangerous," an onlooker tells Britain's ITV News. "There were two lanes of traffic coming towards him. He was risking his life. Also, he wasn't wearing a helmet... He then stopped in the middle of a junction and took selfies with his pals. It was irresponsible."

The action star tweeted a picture of himself on his bike in the Scottish city, adding in a caption, "My first Edinburgh bike ride. A beautiful city!" and he also filmed his sightseeing tour for a post on Snapchat.

He has previously been accused of similar cycling offences and was given a warning by police in Australia last year (15) when he was caught riding a bicycle without a helmet.

Last summer (15), he hired a bike for a whistlestop tour of London and fans took to to express their fears for his safety after he was seen narrowly avoiding a collision with a bus and several cars.

Schwarzenegger later joked about his mishaps, tweeting "In case I do get hit, can you give me a list of bodyshops so I know where to direct the drivers to fix their cars?"