Movie superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger had a special reason to look his best for naked scenes in the new Terminator movie - he didn't want to disappoint his wife.

The tough guy admits he worked out extra hard to turn his 55 year-old physique into one that matched the form fans of the first film saw 19 years ago (84).

And he had a great coach - his wife Maria Shriver.

He explains, "Everyone arrives naked in this movie. It's the theme of the Terminator movies - from the first one on it was

always the case that everyone that arrives from the future back to the present time arrives naked.

"That's the rule that we set up so we have to adhere to that rule and we do it also in this one. So you can see it was very important for me to get back in shape.

"My wife saw the movie twice and she loved the movie and she doesn't mind me arriving naked as The Terminator whatsoever. The only thing she said was, 'Make sure not to embarrass me. Be in good shape!'"

20/06/2003 02:17