Arnold Schwarzenegger's first TV political debate has proved to be a big hit in California.

Almost 40 per cent of all Californians tuned in while ARNIE and fellow California Governor candidates Arianna Huffington, TOM McCLINTOCK and CRUZ Bustamante talked about issues on Wednesday night (24SEP03).

Meanwhile, former Republican Governor candidate BILL SIMON, who was beaten in the polls by current California leader Gray Davis last year (02), has agreed to support Schwarzenegger's bid.

The action hero won support from his Hollywood peers yesterday (25SEP03) by announcing one of his prime concerns was the lack of moviemaking taking place in California.

Arnie told Hollywood bosses at a town hall meeting, held at the soundstage where he filmed Terminator, "I want to bring these productions back. This used to be our number one export, showbusiness. Now the Canadians have stolen it from us."

26/09/2003 19:11