New California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is hiding a guilty secret - he once broke the law during a visit to Wales by swimming naked.

The TERMINATOR star, who today (17NOV03) took office in California capital Sacramento, visited the country while touring as a bodybuilder in the 1970s - and former MR WALES, NORMAN FRICKER, has let slip one of the former MR UNIVERSE's indiscretions while a guest at the MR EUROPE event in Afan Lido, Wales, when Arnie was just 25.

Fricker reveals, "Arnold came to the MR EUROPE event in 1972. Afterwards a group of us went skinny-dipping in the pool including Arnie. He looked like he was having a good time - it was just a bit of fun really.

"He could only speak broken English but we managed to make ourselves understood.

"Arnie was very well liked by everyone in bodybuilding at the time.

"He was a nice chap, very quiet and friendly."

17/11/2003 13:28