Tough guy Arnold Schwarzenegger has been given the all clear after months of intensive therapy on his badly damaged shoulder - but he admits it has been the most painful period of his life.

The TERMINATOR star wrecked his left shoulder in a motorbike accident in 2001 and then aggravated the injury on the set of new action movie T3: RISE OF THE MACHINES.

In order to return to his former levels of fitness, Arnie faced 11 months of painful therapy.

He says, "It's tedious, painful and long. The doctor told me, 'This will be four times as painful as your heart surgery.' It was!

"There are strange exercises that you never thought you could do. You just feel totally crippled - just lying in bed on your stomach and raising this arm up.

"For a guy who has lifted so much and when you've been in shape and could do a lot of things, it's a really wild thing."

07/05/2003 09:17