Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Denzel Washington have been given permission to launch a $3 million (GBP2 million) image infringement lawsuit against an American electronics giant.

The heavyweight trio are demanding $1 million (GBP667,000) each from FRY'S ELECTRONICS after their images appeared in newspaper ads for the company.

They claim their faces were "inserted to appear as if they were displayed on the screens of each item" in a bid to sell TVs.

Top attorney BERT FIELDS, who helped Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman win damages from SEPHORA for a similar controversy last year (02), insists the three movie stars have got a good case.

He says, "It's just like putting their faces on a billboard to advertise toothpaste."

The trial has been set for next April (04).

18/06/2003 09:05