Governor of California candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger has declared war on taxes - and likened them to the androids he fights in the hit Terminator franchise.

The action hero stunned the audience with his speech in the state yesterday (24SEP03) by using movie terminology to express his views on the unpopular government charges.

And ARNIE - who is married to Kennedy relative MARIA SHRIVER - told of how he took inspiration from tragic PRESIDENT J F KENNEDY when considering his own policies on the issue.

He said: "Taxes remind me of the androids I fight in the Terminator movies which I keep shooting dead but which keep coming back to life.

"I married a Kennedy and I have always believed that President John F Kennedy was absolutely right when he said, 'When taxes are too high there will never be enough jobs or revenues to balance the budget.'"

25/09/2003 02:14