Arnold Schwarzenegger will be taking on a $25 billion budget headache when he takes office as the 38th California Governor in Sacramento, California, today (17NOV03).

The action man-turned politician won't have time to relax into his new role because tense budget talks are expected later this week (ends21NOV03), when Schwarzenegger will bring his team together to discuss options they have to crunch the economic crisis in California.

And movie star Robert Redford believes the new Governor should be given an opportunity to show what he can do.

Redford says, "I think we have to give him a chance but I also think we need to watch carefully because we've seen, in the past, differences between promises and delivery."

Schwarzenegger has already made good one promise - he plans to repeal the hefty tripling of the state's car tax, introduced by exiting Governor GRAY DAVIS, offering California motorists who have already paid the full tax rebate.

17/11/2003 08:57