Action man Arnold Schwarzenegger is fuming after being dumped from a Mexican Independence Day parade in East Los Angeles.

The Terminator was hoping his participation would help in his campaign to become the next Governor of California, and blames "dirty politics" for the organisers' decision to cancel.

He says, "I am very disappointed. I was invited to come and participate as grand marshal of the parade, and then I was disinvited because politics got involved in the whole thing.

"Everyone is slugging it out and it sometimes get dirty. The reality of it is that I am for the Latin community. I love Mexico. I have done four movies down there."

Schwarzenegger has made some enemies in the Latin community by opposing a new law which lets illegal immigrants get drivers licenses. The actor, who moved to the United States from Austria, is rather in favour of registering and legalizing as many immigrants as possible. They could be offered drivers licenses after background checks, he says.

08/09/2003 02:47