Arnold Schwarzenegger has seen off his Californian Governorship rival Arianna Huffington after clashing with her during a live TV debate last week (24SEP03).

The independent candidate has pulled out of the election race after actor Arnie told her he had the "perfect part" for her in the next Terminator movie during the debate, and she responded by accusing him of treating women badly.

However, Huffington has vowed to do anything in her powers to stop Schwarzenegger from triumphing in elections next week (ends10OCT03) to see if current Governor GRAY DAVIS should be disposed.

She says, "I'm pulling out. I'm going to concentrate every ounce of time and energy over the next week working to defeat the recall because I realise now that is the only way to defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger.

"Arnold Schwarzenegger is a charming man, he is a nice man but really he has no idea how to run a state. He is going to be run by the very forces that basically have destroyed so much of California."

01/10/2003 17:13