Arnold Schwarzenegger may be a big-league politician nowadays, but that doesn't mean he's not still an action hero at heart.

The Terminator actor revealed more of his cute and cuddly Twins character as he stepped in to help out two schoolgirls who fainted while on stage with the 59-year-old.

California's governor was giving a speech at Cesar Chavez high school when the incident happened.

He stopped talking mid-sentence and hurried over to where one of the schoolgirls who had been standing on stage had collapsed to the floor.

After helping her off the stage he returned to tell the audience: "Alright she's fine, she's walking again."

Mr Schwarzenegger then proceeded to advise the remaining schoolgirls on how to avoid a similar fate.

"Ok everybody who's standing back here, loosen up your knees, don't stay there with stiff knees, ok? Because that's how you faint. Loosen up and relax  do some sit-ups, some push-ups," he suggested.

Unfortunately his handy hints failed to work as another schoolgirl fell to the floor.

"I tell you, I've done a lot of speeches but I've never made people faint. It's unbelievable what's going on here," a despairing Mr Schwarzenegger said.

31/03/2007 12:17:10