Action man Arnold Schwarzenegger is prepared for the mud-slinging that will accompany his race to become California Governor - because he knows he's the best man for the job.

The movie star accepts his past will be dragged into the present by current Governor Gray Davis, along with claims he lacks political experience and he's a womaniser - and he's ready for all the nastiness.

He says, "We all know that Gray Davis knows how to run a dirty campaign better than anyone but he doesn't know how to run a state.

"There's a great vision that I have for California. We can turn this around. We can pay off the debt and we can bring businesses back to California. We can make it the shining state, the golden state, again."

Arnie insists his vast fortune will help him stay honest should he become Governor.

He adds, "No one can pay me off. I have plenty of money, trust me."

08/08/2003 09:16