Californian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will tread a very thin political line between supporting Republican President George W Bush re-election campaign while keeping his predominately-Democrat constitutes happy.

The TERMINATOR star has promised to give the incumbent President his full backing by making a crowd-pleasing appearance at the REPUBLICAN NATIONAL CONVENTION in late August (04), but has ruled out other out-of-state engagements on the campaign trail.

Insiders say Arnold - whose wife Maria Shriver is part of the famous Democrat Kennedy family - fears he will alienate Californian voters if he neglects his job to go on the road to support Bush.

Arnold explains, "If I start flying around and not spending time here, it could backfire big time."

President Bush is already facing a PR disaster as support for MICHAEL MOORE's anti-war documentary FAHRENHEIT 9/11 intensifies. He will battle it out with Democrat John Kerry in the November (04) elections.

25/06/2004 02:10