Arnold Schwarzenegger is keen to revisit the brutal world of CONAN THE BARBARIAN - as long as director John Milius is involved and the movie is as violent as the cult 1982 original.

The movie superstar was far from happy with the sanitised sequel, CONAN THE DESTROYER, in 1984, but now he's considering another sequel, KING CONAN, after 10,000 fans petitioned him on the internet.

Schwarzenegger says, "The producer of Conan The Destroyer, DINO DE LAURENTIIS (corr), felt you can sell more tickets if you make it more civilised, if you make it a PG-13.

"They played down the violence in Conan The Destroyer and it made half the money of the original."

If the film does go ahead, it will be one of many sequels Arnie has got planned for the near future.

As well as Terminator 3, which hits cinemas next month (JUL03), the movie star also plans to revisit True Lies and RUNNING MAN.

23/06/2003 21:09