Arnold Schwarzenegger is among leaders who have paid tribute to another actor-turned-politician, Ronald Reagan, who died on Saturday (05JUN04).

The action man-turned-California Governor joined former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and former US leaders GERALD FORD and George Bush in honouring the late President.

Schwarzenegger, who called off a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, after hearing of Reagan's death, credited the former President with inspiring him to get involved in politics.

Arnie says, "He's a big idol of mine. I campaigned for him. I handed out leaflets. I made phone calls in his behalf. This was at a time I wasn't even a citizen here. He made a tremendous impact on our country.

"It is easy to see how profoundly President Reagan changed the world. He made it safer, more free and gave hope and opportunity to millions."

07/06/2004 02:31