Hollywood actor-turned-politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is relieved after a California judge dismissed a libel lawsuit against him on Friday (02JUL04).

Stuntwoman RHONDA MILLER, 53, charged the Governor of California's election campaigners with falsely accusing her of being a criminal, after she claimed the actor groped her on a movie set.

Miller held a news conference last year (03) to air her allegations before Schwarzenegger was elected to represent the state.

Hours after the conference, the actor's campaign spokesman sent an email to a news reporter, directing him to a court website to search for records of a Rhonda Miller - who had been booked for prostitution, drug crimes and disorderly conduct. The Rhonda Miller in question, turned out to be a completely different woman.

Superior Court Judge ROBERT HESS ruled that because Miller hosted a conference to make the sexual harassment claims public, she was a limited public figure.

Miller's attorneys failed to provide "clear and convincing" evidence that Schwarzenegger knew Miller had no criminal history when the campaign worker sent the email.

The TERMINATOR star denies knowing the email was written.

Hess said, "This case presents an arguable failure to further investigate where a reasonable, prudent person might have done so. The court is not persuaded that it presents a purposeful avoidance of the truth."

Miller has vowed to appeal.

05/07/2004 17:19