Movie star-turned-California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is getting tough with a family company cashing in on a bobblehead likeness of the action man.

ARNIE has instructed his lawyers to file suit against TODD and TOBY BOSLEY and their BOSLEY BOBBERS firm in Ohio because he didn't give them permission to cash in on his image.

Sources claim the TERMINATOR star is offended with the bobblehead, which features him holding a machine gun, because it gives the wrong message.

It's the first time the Bosleys have been attacked by one of their bobblehead models in five years of business, and the brothers aren't planning to let Schwarzenegger's legal team scare them into pulling the Arnie doll off shelves.

They insist they consulted with their lawyers before manufacturing the bobblehead, and claim, "We were told politicians are public domain, and we have First Amendment rights."

It's not the first time Schwarzenegger has tried to protect his image - last year (03) he threatened legal action against a brewing company after they started selling Governator Ale. The brewers renamed the beer.

The bobblehead war is really boosting business for the Bosleys - Arnie's quirky doll is selling for three times its usual price on auction website eBay.

06/05/2004 01:55