California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has begged Warren Beatty to stop lecturing him on politics, insisting the Hollywood veteran would be mortified if he offered him acting tips.

Pro-Democrat Beatty has urged Republican actor-turned-politician Schwarzenegger to serve the state's nurses in new tax cuts by turning on his rich pals to help fund medical initiatives.

He said, "Arnold, be the action hero I know you can be. Be strong. Stand up and confront the wealthiest one per cent of Californians who have benefited $12 billion a year from the (GEORGE W) Bush tax cuts."

However, an unimpressed Arnie has fired back at Beatty's advice - and urged him to keep his options to himself in future.

He says, "If he promises me not to give me advice on politics, I promise him not to give him advice on acting."

23/03/2005 13:51