California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was denied sex for two weeks by his Democrat wife Maria Shriver, after he praised US President GEORGE W Bush.

The actor-turned Republican politician, 57, spoke of Bush's "inner strength" and proclaimed "America is safer with George W Bush as president," at the Republican National Convention in New York City on 31 August (04).

Despite standing by her husband in his new role, journalist and Kennedy family member Shriver does not agree with his political beliefs and is a firm Democrat - due to her famous ancestors.

The TERMINATOR star said Shriver was furious with him following his speech, explaining, "Well, there was no sex for 14 days. Everything comes with side effects."

The actor joked he doesn't need to watch Bush and Presidential hopeful John Kerry's televised debates, because he can take part in his own Republican-Democrat debate at home.

He smirks, "I'd just take my wife out to dinner. I have to do it (debate) every morning over breakfast."

20/10/2004 14:13