Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed he will appear in Sylvester Stallone's next movie THE EXPENDABLES - but insists it will just be a cameo.
Reports last week suggested the California Governor would be making his big screen comeback in the film - his first starring role since he was sworn into office in 2003.
The news prompted outrage among some Californians, furious Schwarzenegger was allowing himself to be distracted during a crucial budget crisis in the state.
But the star insists he's only taking a short break from his political career to shoot a fleeting role in the movie.
He says, "Since I've become governor I've done three cameos. Sly asked me if I would do a cameo, and I said of course I'll do a cameo. I enjoy him, he's a terrific director and actor and we hang out a lot of times together."
The film, about a team of mercenaries heading to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator, will also star Ben Kingsley, Eric Roberts and Mickey Rourke.
Filming is scheduled to start shooting next month (Mar09) - and Schwarzenegger reveals his time onset won't come around until the spring, months after budget negotiations have ended.
He adds, "It has nothing to do with the budget crisis, or the budget negotiations, because that will take place sometime in April, May or June."